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Market Report Palm Jumeirah Villas Q1 2024


This report provides a comprehensive overview of recent villa sales in the prestigious Palm Jumeirah area, focusing on various different villa transactions As property owners or potential investors, this data will help you understand current market trends and property values in this elite Dubai locale.

There were a total of 29 transactions in Q1 2024 for Palm Jumeirah Villas. The cumulative amount for these sales reached approximately AED 1,239,529,496 in comparisson Q4 2023 observed 25 transactions, with a total sales volume significantly lower, indicating an increase in both transaction count and total sales value in Q1 2024.


  1. Signature Villas and Garden Homes
  • Most Expensive Sale: A 5-bedroom villa in Signature Villas sold for AED 128,450,000, with a size of 7,000 sqft and a price per sqft of AED 18,350 (Frond F).
  • High-End Properties: Other notable transactions include villas ranging from 5,000 to 7,886 sqft, priced from AED 32,300,000 to AED 88,000,000.
  • Average Price per Sqft: Among the premium 5-bedroom properties, the price per sqft ranged from AED 4,286 to AED 12,571.

In comparisson Q4 2023: The fourth quarter of 2023 also showcased a robust market with similar trends. The highest-priced villa sale was AED 78,000,000 for a 5-bedroom property, reflecting the continuing premium on spacious, high-end properties.

  1. 4-Bedroom Villas
  • Volume Sales: Several 4-bedroom villas were sold with sizes ranging between 5,000 and 6,000 sqft.
  • Price Range: These villas sold for prices ranging from AED 13,000,000 to AED 49,000,000.
  • Market Trend: The price per sqft for 4-bedroom villas averaged around AED 6,800, with the highest at AED 8,167 (Garden Homes, 6,000 sqft).
  1. Unique Developments
  • Special Units: The Signature Villas on frond G a 6-bedroom plus villa, showcased a large space of 11,754 sqft and fetched AED 81,500,000, highlighting its unique position in the market with a price per sqft of AED 6,934.
  • Palm Jumeirah Plot Sales : Special mention for 2 large plot sales on Frond J with sizes of 14,311 and 13,829 Sqft selling at AED 65,000,000 and 67,900.000 with Price per Swft of over 4.7000 AED a Sqft
  • Palm Jumairah Townhouses : Several Canal coves and Palma Residences townhouses prices ranging from AED 8,750,000 to AED 15,000,000

Market Insights

  • Pricing Trends: The market has shown a strong preference for larger, well-appointed villas, with the highest prices per square foot being commanded by uniquely positioned, Modern Renovation and exceptionally large properties.
  • Location Premium: Proximity to key amenities and the unique characteristics of the fronds (like views and privacy) continue to play a critical role in valuation.
  • Investment Opportunities: While the upper end of the market remains robust, there are varying investment opportunities across different price points and property sizes.


  • For Sellers: Given the rising market trends, now might be an advantageous time to consider listing high-end properties to capitalize on the higher prices per square foot.
  • For Buyers: Investors looking for long-term appreciation should focus on properties that offer unique attributes, as these continue to command premium pricing.


This recent data from Palm Jumeirah transactions underscores the sustained demand and value of villas in this area. Investors and current property owners should consider these trends when planning future investments or considering the sale of their properties.

For a detailed property consultation or more specific insights into your property's value, feel free to contact our team.